Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trust In The Lord

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,  And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him,  And He shall direct your paths.  (Proverbs 3:5-6, New King James Version)

I was talking to a few of my friends recently; three of them are looking for employment and one, her father is in the hospital awaiting surgery.  During the course of each of these conversations, Proverbs 3: 5-6 was the verse I felt led to leave with them. We are admonished by the writer of Proverbs (Solomon) to Trust the Lord with all our heart, we are not to lean on our own understanding of things, but acknowledge GOD in all our ways and He will direct our steps. I find that it is so very easy to tell someone to just have faith, and to trust the Lord in all things; it is another thing altogether to put those words into practice in our daily lives. I feel led to give testimony of my journey of faith and how I have been learning to trust in the Lord during a very difficult season of my life.

For the past two years, I have known that the place where I worked was unstable. We had some changes in our upper management a couple of years ago that was followed by a merger with one of our sister companies. In the course of that merger, we had a large number in my department laid off. It was stressful and sad to watch people that I had worked with for so long, my friends, lose their job. It was also stressful to be one of the people left behind to pick up the pieces, but that is what we did. We continued doing our job and we finally began to heal from the wounds of the first lay off, when we were sold to another company. This new company wanted our sister company, and our customers, but not our office or employees. So in the course of a few months we had another round of layoffs and we were told our division was being shut down.

These have been times of stress, doubt and fear for me and the people that I worked with. We knew that the end was coming sooner or later and it was difficult. During this time, I sought after God and asked him what he wanted me to do next. Silence followed my inquiries, it was like the windows of heaven were shut and my prayers were falling on deaf ears.  I continued do my job as I was told, going through the changes the company wrought but I was still uncertain of the future.  I continued to ask the Lord for his guidance and pleaded for him to show me which way I was to go; more silence followed and I was not receiving any new direction. I attempted to find another job by applying everywhere I could think of, but nothing came of those applications. My efforts seem to be hindered. I hit brick walls at every turn. I was not being allowed to move from where I was and I knew that the end was coming soon, so this frightened me.

Over the past few months, I had several friends in the faith tell me "Just trust God and everything will be fine". The problem with that is I have not really learned how to fully trust God in all things. You see, trust is not an easy thing for me.  I find it difficult to trust people that I know and see, so how do I trust God ,whom I cannot see. Now, I am born again, I have accepted Jesus as my savior, I know HIM as the savior of my soul. However, I have never really allowed God to show himself strong for me in the daily physical provision of my life. I needed HIM to show me that He can be trusted in times of trouble. My relationship with God was going through a test. Would I trust him when I cannot see where he is leading?

I would like to say that I trusted him unwaveringly to lead me in the path of this storm, that I fully trusted and believed that everything would be okay. However, I cannot say that. I was often on my face before God, pouring out my heart to him telling him that I did not know how to trust him with this darkness that I saw on the horizon. I told him I was afraid of what was ahead. All I saw when I looked into the unknown future was the sharp and jagged rocks of defeat and I was afraid that I would be shipwrecked. I told the Lord this and begged him for direction; still silence followed. I  did not have an answer or clear direction, but I knew deep in my spirit, that my Lord had heard me.

Then the day came for another round of layoffs, and this time, my number was up. After the meeting where we were told we were being let go; I was amazed to find that I was not as frightened now that I knew the end date of my employment; instead of fear, I felt relieved. I still had no idea what I was going to do, but I was no longer worried about when I would lose my job; the inevitable had happened and I found that I was okay with it. The Lord gave me His peace.  Now I had no choice but to trust Him to take care of me.

About a week after I was told I was being let go, I felt the Lord tell me me to contact someone I knew at a another company in the same industry. This person had previously worked at my company, but had recently taken another position with this other company down the road. I asked if this person had any openings at his company. To my surprise, he did and asked me to send him my resume. 

I had an interview with that company and another company across town the following week. To be honest, I did not know what was going to happen. I liked this company, but I did not hear back from them for a couple of weeks. In the mean time, the other company called and told me that they had filled the position for which I had interviewed.  I was a little relived, because I did not really want to make the long drive across town every day, but I was concerned because I had not heard back from anyone and my last day was coming soon. That Sunday as I put my tithe in the offering plate, I prayed to the Lord; Father, I am going to trust you to take care of me.  No matter what happens; I am in your hands, do what you will.

Three days after my last day of employment, I was called in for a second interview with this company. When I got there, I was told that I was being interviewed not for the original position, but for another position which would be a promotion for me. I was surprised and I went out of that interview still not knowing what would happen, but happy that I was asked to come back for a second interview. On the following Monday, I was given the offer for the new job. I was elated. I took a day to review the offer, I asked some questions and then accepted the offer for the position.

I am excited about the opportunity that the Lord has given me and I praise Him for his faithfulness. He showed me that He had things well in hand the whole time.  Now I see, that God had a plan for me.  In His perfect plan, even the day I was laid off was in His perfect timing. I will get severance pay for the next three months and I will continue my insurance coverage during the ninety day waiting period for benefits with my new employer. Therefore, I will not have a lapse in medical coverage and I will be able to pay off some of my debt with the extra money.  The Lord is truly gracious and I give Him all the Praise and Glory for showing me His provision. Amen!

You may be thinking, I have trusted the Lord, but I am still unemployed and I have trouble knocking at my door. You may be wondering, has God forgotten me; can I still trust him?  I just want to encourage you to remember, that this life of Faith is a journey. Each of us have our own unique relationship with God. He knows what we need and when we need it. He does not do things the way we think they should be done, but He does things the way that is best for us. It is our job to trust him to do what He promised he would do. The writer of Psalms 37 put it this way.

Trust in the LORD, and do good;
         Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.
  Delight yourself also in the LORD,
         And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
          (Psalm 37:3-4, New King James Version)

  I have been young, and now am old;
         Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken,
         Nor his descendants begging bread. (Psalm 37:25, New King James Version)

Do you find yourself at a cross roads wondering what you should do next? Are you looking at the road ahead and only see darkness? Look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; He has promised that He would never leave nor forsake you. He promised He would be with you until the end of the age. He is walking right beside you, giving you light for the next step in front of you. Trust Him to guide your steps, let Him show you that he is exactly who He says He is. Will you choose to trust HIM today?

Let us Pray:
Father, I come before you and I thank you for showing me your provision today. Lord I admit to you that there are times that I do not trust you to take care of me, I ask for your forgiveness of my unbelief. Please help me to trust you and to live my life in such a way that it is pleasing in your sight. Lord, my friends and loved ones are still in need of your intervention tonight. Please provide for their needs and show them that you are worthy of their faith and trust. Show them your provision and your faithfulness. Thank you for taking care of me, thank you for not giving up on me when I find it hard to trust you. Lord I love you, help me to love you more. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Today's Scripture
Proverbs chapter 3: 5-6

Psalms 37

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